Slots Promotions

Almost every online casino has a few special promotions that any player can take advantage of. But some casinos have promotions that are created especially for slots players. Slots promotions can include everything from free cash to slots tournaments, but all of them create an enticing and fun way to reward customers for playing slots.

Bonus Cash or Credits for Slots

What better way is there to reward customers than free cash to play their favorite games? Bonus cash promotions vary significantly from one to the next, but all of them operate on the same principal - if you give them cash, they'll come back for more. So how can you earn cash and credits of your very own? Sometimes, all you have to do is to play a particular slot in order to win creditsor loyalty points. Other promotions only dole out free credits to those who play a certain number of spins. There are even some slots promotions that award free credits based on sex (Ladies' Nights) or age (Specially for Seniors). Sometimes, free cash and credits are handed out based on a virtual lottery. For example, everyone who plays a promotional slot during a week long period may be entered into a drawing for free credits. Only a few of the luckiest players will win. What's the same about all bonus cash and credits? Usually it has to be played through the online casino system several times before it can be taken out. That means that even if you get $500 bonus cash, you may have to wait until it's been wagered several times before you can withdraw it.

Free Spins on Slots Games

A variant on the bonus cash and credits promotions are those that offer players free spins. These slots promotions give out free spins on one particular slot to any player that wins or is chosen. While these are fun, they aren't as valuable as free casino cash or credits because you can't choose which game to play. A few hundred spins later, you may find yourself with nothing to show for your good luck.

Slots Tournaments

Perhaps one of the most effective promotions around is the slots tournament. These competitions give players a chance to go head to head while playing slots, making slot games a more interactive experience. Winners are usually chosen based on winnings, and sometimes chosen based on amounts wagered. Typically, all the winners will enter a Final round where they compete against one another for a grand prize, which can be thousands of dollars in cash. Slots tournaments are great for players who love to play slots, but who miss the competition and interaction of playing regular table games. And they're also a great opportunity to win even more while playing your favorite games. Online casinos have caught on to the fact that customers love to be rewarded. That's why they've created so many exciting promotions for slots players to take part in. From tournaments to bonus cash, every slots promotion adds an extra dose of fun to playing slots online.