Real Money Slots Prizes

Today, there are a lot of great prizes that can be won playing online slots. In fact, some of the top casinos out there even offer cash prizes before one begins playing the slot machines. Such prizes are known as bonuses, or promotions.

A player may sign up for an online casino, download the software and make a first purchase on an online slot machine, and just by doing that, can be subject to 100% match bonus, or $250 free. So for all those who are interested in making money while playing the slot machines, they should bear in mind that doing so can be easier than having to beat the one armed bandit!

Different Types of Real Money Prizes for Online Slots

Each online casino works in a different way when it comes to prizes. Players are thus best advised to look at the casino before they sign up. If a player is very experienced in playing the slots, sign up prizes might not be as exciting as very large one-time win prizes (such as those that can be won on jackpot progressive slot machines). Alternatively, a player may prefer to gamble at a casino that is offering free time, such as one that offers new customers 1 hour free with $500 to play with and whatever money is won, is theirs to keep. That is quite an attractive prize for an online slot machine player. Since there is today a lot of free stuff available for online slot machine players to entice them to the many different casinos available, each player has to make the decision as to which offer is most suited to them and find the best online casino for their needs.

Progressive Jackpot Prizes with Slots for Real Money

Progressive slot machines are very popular amongst slot machine lovers today. Progressive jackpots can be categorized into three areas:

  • Individual Progressives
    This is a self-contained progressive jackpot which does not receive from or contribute prize money to any other online slot machine's jackpot at any other casino.
  • Linked Progressives
    These are groups of online slot machines electronically hooked-up to contribute to one common jackpot that can get quite large.
  • Multi-Location Progressives
    These work with hundreds of slot machines located in many different casinos, all feeding that giant pot of gold. Hitting the jackpot on one of these slot machines is a dream come true. The odds of winning are about the same as those for winning the lottery. But then, someone always wins the lottery too!

    Online Tournament Real Money Slots Prizes

    Another type of prize on the slot machines are tournament prizes or online slots jackpots. Online slots tournaments, like live blackjack tournaments, are becoming more and more popular. For each level, the slots prize in the game is to proceed to the next level of the tournament, entitling the player to compete for more money (on the next level) and get closer to becoming the slots champion. Getting to that level is way more than just gaining a status; the champion is entitled to a ton of money with some of these online slots tournaments. However, some claim that they are so proud to be winning the slot machine tournaments, that to boast about it is just as exciting as the big cash prizes that come with the status! So if the idea of money and status appeals, online slot machine tournaments could be the slots jackpots a player wants to go for!